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Prof. JUAN BOO Liang
National University of Malaysia



Name:    Liang Juan Boo
Nationality:   Malaysian
Current appointments:  Principal Research Fellow
Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Universiti Putra Malaysia


University of Alberta, Canada  1991-1993 PhD in Animal Nutrition
James Cook University, Australia 1982-1983 MSc in Animal Nutrition
University of Malaya   1970-1974 B. Agric. Sc. (Hons)


1.Honorary Professor, Faculty of Grassland Science, Gansu Agricultural University, China (appointed 2004).
Honorary Professor, Yunnan Agricultural University, China (appointed 2006)

2.Editor-in-chief of Malaysian Journal of Animal Science (2002 ~ 2007)

3.Reviewer for international scientific journals including:
a)Asian-Aust. Animal Science (September 2012)
b)J. Agric and Food Chemistry (September 2012)
c)Asian-Aust. Animal Science (February 2012)
d)Climate and Development (August 2011)
e)FAO Document on “Opportunities and Challenges in Utilizing co-products of Biofuel Industry as Livestock Feed” (August 2011)
f)Livestock Production Science (2010)
g)J. Animal Sc. (October 2008),
h)The Rangeland J. (April 2008),
i)Animal Production Science. (November 2008)

4.Leader for several completed and on-going locally and internationally funded livestock and environment related research (see Table 1).

5.Actively organized scientific conferences, including:
a)Chairman of the First Asia Dairy Goat Conference (ADGC2012), Kuala Lumpur, 9-12 April 2012
b)Chairman of the Second International Conference on Sustainable Animal Agriculture for Developing countries (SAADC2009), Kuala Lumpur, 8-11 Sep 2009
c)Co-Chairman of the first International Conference on Sustainable Animal Agriculture in Developing countries (SAADC 2007), Kunming, China
d)Secretary, Organizing Committee of the 11th Asian-Australasian Animal Production Societies Congress, September 2004, Kuala Lumpur
e)Chairman of the organizing committee of the Fourth International Livestock Waste management Symposium and Technology Expo, 19-23 May 2002, Penang, Malaysia.
f)Several conferences for the Malaysian Society of Animal Production (MSAP)

6.Served as Member of International Advisory Committee for international conferences, including:
g)International Advisory Committee member of the First Animal Nutrition and Environment, Koen Kean, Thailand, 13-15 September 2012
h)President of Sustainable Animal Agriculture for Developing Countries (SAADC) (from August 2011)
i)Chairman of the International Advisory Committee, 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Animal Agriculture in Developing countries (SAADC 2010), 26-29 July 2011, Thailand
j)Member of the International Advisory Committee, 2nd International Conference of Greenhouse Gases and Animal Agriculture, 20-24 September 2005, Zurich Switzerland
k)Member of the International Advisory Committee, 12th Asian Australasian Animal Production Congress, 18~22 September 2006, Busan, Korea.

7.Participated as members of several International and local consultant groups for livestock and agricultural projects, including:
a)IAEA, Urinary purine derivative as index for rumen microbial protein yield (1996)
b)FAO, Area-wide crop livestock integration project (1997~98)
c)Ho Hup Construction Company Bhd. Conceptual proposal of crop-livestock integration (2000)
d)Sarawak State. AGROPOLIS (2001)

8.Consultant for Ex-Corporation, Japan on “Livestock consultant for Malaysia to develop CDM (Clean Development Methodologies) projects (2006~2007; 2011~ 2013). 

9.Consultant to the Penang Water Board (PBA), Malaysia to develop a closed-house zero discharged model pig farm (2008 -2012)

10.Fellow of Matsumae International Foundation, Japan (1987). Conducted joint research with Japanese scientists in National Institute of Animal Industry, Tsukuba, Japan.

11.Fellow of IAEA Fellowship to visit University of Zaragoza, Spain and Rowet Research Institute, Scotland (May~July 1996)

12.Course Director for several training workshops on intensive pig and poultry production and environment for Malaysian farmers.

13.Present lectures or plenary papers in international meetings including those in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Spain, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam (see Table 2)

14.Authored and co-authored about 160 articles in refereed journals, books & conference proceedings (please see LIST OF PUBLICATIONS)


Table 1. Research projects (on poultry from year 2007)  Title of projects Duration Funding agencies
1. Phytodegradation of antibiotic residues by iron oxide in livestock wastewater 2007~ 2009 FRGS
2. Effects of dietary zinc levels and sources on growth, immunity and carcass quality of commercial broilers  2008~2010 Dana ScFund
3. Fate of antibiotic residues from pig and poultry manure in soil-plant system 2008~2010 Dana ScFund
4 Optimizing the production of enzyme complex for the hydrolysis of PKC for chickens 2012`2017 LRGS
5 Purification, structural elucidation and utilization of oligosaccharides for poultry feed supplement 2012~2017 LRGS



Table 2. Attendance of national and international conferences (1997-current only)

Title of Conference Status of participation Date  Place
1.Livestock Ecology & Environment for Sustainable Development Invited speaker   Sponsored by organiser 2-5 Nov 2012 China
2.First Animal Nutrition and Environment Invited speaker   Sponsored by organiser 13-15 Sep 2012 Thailand
3.8th Japan-Korea-China Joint Symposium on Rumen Metabolism and Physiology (2011) Invited speaker– sponsored by JIRC 2011 Japan
4.3rd Inter Conf. on Sustainable Anim. Agric. For Developing Countries (SAADC 2011) President of SAADC2011 International Advisory Committee – sponsored by JIRCAS 26-29 July 2011 Thailand
5.4th Greenhouse Gases and Animal Agriculture (GGAA2010) Invited speaker – sponsored by Conf Organizer and JIRCAS 3-8 Oct 2010 Canada
6.14th Asian-Australasian Animal Production Congress Invited speaker – sponsored by National Pingtung University of Science and Technology 22-26 Aug 2010 Taiwan
7.2nd Inter Conf. on Sustainable Anim. Agric. For Developing Countries (SAADC 2009)  Chairman of Organizing Committee 8-11 Sept 2009 Kuala Lumpur
8.17th Asian Dairy Conference Invited speaker – sponsored by Conference organizer 5-9 Oct 2009 Hokkaido, Japan
9.Chinese-German Tibetan Rangeland Ecosystem Research Symposium Observer – Sponsor by Lanzhou University, China 18-27 Jul 2009 Lanzhou, China
10.13th AAAP Congress Present paper  22~25 Nov 2008 Hanoi, Vietnam
11.3rd Iran Congress of Animal Sc. Participant- sponsored by Conference Organizer 14~17 Oct 2008 Mashhad, Iran
12.16th Asian Dairy Conference Plenary speaker- sponsored by Conference organizer 2~4 Sept 08 NPUST, Taiwan
13.3rd Inter. Congress on Animal Nutrition  Session chairman 29~31 July 2008 Putra Jaya
14.29th Malaysian Soc. Animal Production conference Session chairman  25~27 May 2008 Penang
15.3rd GGAA Conference Plenary speaker –sponsored by Conference organizer 25~ 29 Nov 2007 Christchurch, New Zealand
16.First SAADC Congress Co-Chairman organizing committee- sponsored by Conference organizer 28~29 Sep 2007 Kunming, China
17.International Forum Obihiro Evaluation committee & Plenary speaker- sponsored by Conference organizer 26~28 Feb 2007 Obihiro, Japan
18.AHAT-BSAS International Conference.  Plenary speaker- sponsored by the conference organizer 14-18 Nov 2005 KhonKeanThailand
19.2nd Inter. Conf. on Greenhouse Gases and Animal Agriculture Committee member & Plenary speaker 20-24 Sept 2005 Zurich Switzerland
20.27th Malaysian Soc. Animal Production (MSAP) conference Present paper 1-3 Jun 2005 Kuala Trengganu
21.11th Asian-Australasian animal production (AAAP) congress   Secretary & present paper 5-9 Sept 2004 Kuala Lumpur
22.National seminar on livestock ecology  and food security  Present invited paper- sponsored by Conference organizer 23-25 Aug 2004 Shanghai China
23.Asia & Pacific Seminar on Education for Rural Development Present invited paper – sponsored by Conference organizer 3-10 Aug 2004 Obihiro Japan
24.3rd Ann. Conf. on Sustainability Sc. & Management Present paper 4-5 May 2004 Kuala Trengganu
25.Training course on Pig Production and Environmental Protection Present lectures – sponsored by Ministry of Environment, HK. 16-20 Feb 2004 Hong Kong
26.25th MSAP conference Present paper 1-3 Aug 2003 Melaka
27.10th AAAP congress Present paper 2002 New Delhi India
28.Conference on Livestock Ecology & Waste Management Invited speaker –sponsored by Conference organizer 18-22 Aug 2002 LuoYang China
29.4th Inter. Livestock Waste Management Symposium Organizing chairman & present paper 19-23 May 2002 Penang
30.FAO/IAEA research coordinated Meeting Present paper – sponsored by Conference Organizer 5-10 May 2002 Hue, Vietnam
31.1st Inter. Conf. Greenhouse Gases & Animal Agriculture Plenary speaker- sponsored by Conference organizer 7-11 Nov 2001 Obihiro Japan
32.2nd Symp. Sustainable Utilization of Agric Byproducts for Animal Production Plenary speaker –sponsored by Conference organizer 26-27 Jul 2001 Bangkok Thailand
33.23rd MSAP conference Committee & present paper 27-29 May 2001 Langkawi Kedah
34.22nd MSAP conference Committee & present paper 28 May 1 Jun 2000 Kota Kinabalu
35.2nd National Pig environment Conference, Australia Plenary speaker 28-29 Jun 2000 U.Q. Australia
36.14th Symposium on Energy Metabolism of Farm Animals Present paper 14~20 Sep 1997 N. Ireland


JB Liang has authored and coauthored about 160 scientific publications. Below are his publications in Journals from year 1997.

1.Bahman Navidshad and Juan Boo Liang. 2012. Effect of dietary fish oil on meat n-3 enrichment of broiler chickens fed low protein diets. Anim. Prod. Sc. 52:799-805(IF=0.986)
2.Jahromi M.F., J.B. Liang*, Y.W. Ho, M. Rosfarizan, Y.M. Goh and P. Shokryazdan (2012). Lovastatin Production by Aspergillus Terreus Using Agro-biomass as Substrate in Solid State Fermentation. J. Biomedicines and Biotechnology doi:10.1155/2012/196264 (IF=2.436)
3.X. D. Huang, J. B. Liang*, H. Y. Tan, R. Yahya R. J. Long and Y. W. Ho. 2011. Protein binding affinity of Leucaena condensed tannins of differing molecular weights. J. Agricultural and Food Chemistry 59:10677-10682(IF =2.823 )
4.X. D. Huang, J. B. Liang*, H. Y. Tan, R. Yahya, Y. W. Ho. (2011). Effect of Leucaena condensed tannins of differing molecular weights on in vitro CH4 production. Anim. Feed Sc. Techno. 166-167: 373-376 435 (impact factor = 1.691)
5.X. D. Huang, J. B. Liang*, H. Y. Tan, R. Yahya, B. Khamseekhiew, Y. W. Ho. (2010). Molecular weight and protein binding affinity of Leucaena condensed tannins and their effects on in vitro fermentation parameters. Anim. Feed Sc. Techno. 159:81-87435 (impact factor = 1.691)
6.Yan Wang, Juan Boo Liang*, Xin Di Liao, Lu-song Wang, Teck Chwen Loh, Jun Dai and Yin Wan Ho. (2010). Photodegradation of sulfadiazine by goethite-oxalate suspension under UV light irradiation. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 49: 3527-3532 (impact factor = 2.234)
7.P.W. Lai, J.B. Liang*, L.C. Hsia, T.C. Loh and Y.W. Ho. (2010). Effects of varying dietary zinc levels and environmental temperatures on the growth performance, feathering score and feather mineral concentrations of broiler chicks. Asian-Aust. J. Anim. Sci. 23(7):937-945(impact factor = 0.579)
8.Y. Wang; C.S. Liu; F.B. Li; C.P. Liu; J.B. Liang*, 2009. Photodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon pyrene by iron oxide in solid phase. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 162: 716-723 (Impact factor = 4.173)
9.Yan Wang, Lusong Wang, Fangbai Li, J. B. Liang*, Yongtao Li, Jun Dai, Teck-Chwen Loh and Yin-Wan Ho. (2009). Effects of Oxytetracycline and Sulfachloropyridazine residues on the reductive activity of Shewanella decolorationis S12. Agricultural and Food Chemistry 57:5878-5883 (Impact factor = 2.823)
10.Lai, PW, WH, Lee, JB Liang*, LC. Hsia and AB. Kasim. 2005. Effect of phytase, phosphorus, protein and temperature on growth performance and bone characteristics in broiler chickens. Malay. J. Anim. Sc. Vol. 10(1): 43-48

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