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Dr.Jae Yong Han
Seoul National University
Title: Genome Editing and Its Applications in Poultry



Poultry has been valued as a source of food protein for human being over 8,000 years. In research area, on the other hands, poultry including chicken have been emphasized as an animal model due to its unique reproduction system. Whole genome/transcripts sequencing analysis and newly developed genome editing technologies gave us to opportunities to explore insight of the biological phenomenon. Especially, efficient and precise genome editing tools such as ZFN, TALEN and CRISPR/Cas9 system has been actively utilized for genome editing in several organisms. In poultry, genome editing technology combined with germ cell culture system has been widely utilized to establishment diverse genome-edited lines. Recently reported knockout chicken mediated by TALEN suggest that programmable genome editing in poultry could contribute the development of novel lines for diverse research area including disease control, bioreactor production, modification of egg component and stem cell research. Therefore, in the future, highly efficient genome editing technology will open a new era in poultry biotechnology and industry as well as human society.

Prof. Jae Yong Han received his bachelor and master degrees in Department of Animal Science and Technology, Seoul National University. Since his completion of Ph.D. degree in University of Minnesota in 1991, he appointed as a professor of the Department of Food and Animal Biotechnology, Seoul National University, Korea.

He devoted himself to activate world-wide multidisciplinary networking as the director of World Class University Program, which accelerates his international collaboration. As a member of World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA) from 1992 and Korea branch secretary (1999-2011), he has organized numerous international conferences and communities in poultry biotechnology. He served as the president of Korean Society of Poultry Science during 2011-2013, and now he is working as senior vice-president, Asia Pacific Federation, WPSA. Successful organization of the 10th Asia Pacific Poultry Conference (APPC) as president is the one of the most remarkable achievement.

His academic specialty is avian genome editing and germ cell biology. He has undertaken analysis of specific gene expression patterns during embryonic development. He has made outstanding achievements in his researches on production of germline chimera by germ cell manipulation and avian genome editing. His remarkable achievement directly contributes to showing new strategy on poultry industry, as well as to suggesting innovative technology of germ cell manipulation. His laboratory established chicken embryonic germ (EG) cells (Park et al., 2000, MRD), which are able not only to differentiate into various cell types of three germinal layers but also to produce germline chimeras. Also his laboratory developed in vitro long-term culture system of chicken primordial germ cells (PGCs) and subsequently established micromanipulation technology for PGCs (Choi et al., 2010, PLoS One). On the basis of knowledge on avian germ cells, he reported transgenic bioreactors that produce human proteins in quail eggs (Kwon et al., 2010, BOR). In addition, he has succeeded to produce germline chimeric chickens by interspecies transfer of pheasant germ cells (Kang et al., 2008, BOR), which would be useful for conserving the endangered birds. More recently, he has reported the efficient transgenic system (Park and Han, 2012, PNAS), programmable genome editing (Park et al., 2014, PNAS) and bioreactor (Park et al., 2015 FASEB J). As well as avian genome editing, he has researched avian germ cell biology. He identified small RNA regulating germness and stemness in chicken (Lee et al., 2011, PNAS), and reported specific germ cell related gene expression in very early embryo (Lee et al., 2015, Stem Cells and Development). Based on his achievements in the field of poultry biotechnology for 30 years, he was awarded the project “Center for Avian Germ Cell Modulation and Cloning” of National Creative Research Initiatives grant.

Up to date, he has published more than 180 research articles in the internationally well-known journals and based on achievements, he was awarded World’s Poultry Science Association Award (Research) in Brazil, 2012. He has taught more than 50 masters and Ph.D. students, of those more than 10 disciples are working as the professors in the field of poultry science and biotechnology.

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